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A Tech-Driven, Injury Reduction Platform That Will Reduce Injuries and Retain Employees

Kinetic’s injury reduction program combines cutting-edge technology, advanced data analytics, and proactive safety services to reduce workplace injuries by up to 60%. Our services are provided through Workers' Compensation insurance coverage or directly to large self-insured enterprises.

Workplace Injuries are Expensive and Kill Productivity

Without an injury reduction program that includes the latest safety technology:

Workers continue getting hurt
Workers’ comp claims remain high
Operational efficiency suffers

Don’t accept workplace injuries as an inevitable cost of doing business - prevent them. Kinetic’s tech-driven safety program has saved thousands of frontline workers from injury.

The Kinetic Injury Reduction Program

Our program focuses on the following three pillars:

Injury Prediction

Injury Prevention

Injury Management

We use cutting-edge safety technology, including wearable devices and artificial intelligence, to collect hundreds of data points and turn them into actionable insights. This drives behavioral change that fosters a strong safety culture.

The results?


It will show circle progressbar.

Enter a numerical value to set the percentage of filled area

Change title, Percentage and color.

Easy to implement

Lower A/Y Ratio

Lower Cost Per Claim

Lower Premiums

Account Retention

Fewer workplace injuries mean a decrease in workers’ comp claims - and that saves your company money.

Companies Preventing Injuries with Kinetic

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