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Decrease Recordable Injuries with Tech-Driven Onsite Safety Services

Kinetic combines onsite safety services and proprietary loss prevention technology to predict, prevent, and manage workplace injuries.

The Problem with Traditional Onsite Safety Services

While traditional onsite safety services have been proven to reduce recordable injuries, they fail to…

Incorporate Advanced Technology
Provide Visibility to All At-Risk Employees
Prevent Injuries Before They Happen

Don’t accept workplace injuries as an inevitable cost of doing business - prevent them. Kinetic’s tech-driven safety program has saved thousands of frontline workers from injury.

The Kinetic Difference: Creating A Proactive Safety Culture In Your Workplace

While onsite services lead to a decrease in recordables, it’s only when they’re paired with Kinetic’s injury prevention technology that you create a proactive safety culture. That’s the Kinetic difference.

We have the only integrated program focused on:

Injury Prediction
Injury Prevention
Injury Management

Companies Preventing Injuries with Kinetic

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