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Kinetic Develops and Deploys Technology to Reduce Losses in Workers’ Comp

Kinetic Reflex Wearable

Custom-Developed Wearable for Injury Reduction

  • Deployed to 50,000+ workers worldwide
  • Proven results in reduction of Strain & Sprain injuries
  • Real-time notifications around ergonomics
  • On-body kinematic data for loss control and training purposes

Computer Vision for Always-On Loss Control

  • Expanded recognition of unsafe conditions
  • Able to catch everything from near misses to slip and falls
  • Targeted data sets for environmental changes and loss control visits
computer vision
generative AI in insurance

Using Generative AI to Drive Claim Outcomes

  • Continuously monitor claims with Generative AI
  • Find opportunities for better handling and mitigation strategies
  • Drive usage of products like our Rapid RTW

Creating Remotely Monitored Transitional Jobs

  • Resolve indemnity claims in a timely manner with our unique Return-to-Work product
  • Create a light-duty job that meets regulatory requirements in under 1 minute
  • Use our software to monitor and manage a light-duty job
auto return to work

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