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Companies Are Seeing Success with Kinetic’s Tech-Driven Safety Program

Learn how Kinetic is helping companies predict, prevent, and manage workplace injuries.

Case Studies

Sun City Palm Desert Groundskeeper

Sun City Has Seen an 80% Decrease in Workplace Injuries

Sun City Palm Desert, an adult community and country club in Palm Desert, California, has been successful in predicting, preventing, and managing workplace injuries with Kinetic's tech-driven safety program.

Reliance Delivery Driver

How Kinetic Has Helped Reliance Delivery Prevent Workplace Injuries

Drivers at Reliance Delivery, a delivery service provider in San Antonio, Texas, make an average of 200 stops per day. Repetitive movements such as stepping up and down, climbing stairs, and lifting packages can pose a high risk of injuries. Since adopting Kinetic's technology, Reliance Delivery has seen a dramatic decrease in workplace injuries.

Moss Brothers Auto Group Mechanic

Moss Bros. Auto Group Hasn't Had a Movement Injury in the 6 Months Since Adopting Kinetic's Wearable Safety Tech

Moss Brothers Auto Group, an 8-store new car franchise and automobile dealership located in Southern California, lives by the phrase that "nothing you will ever do at our company is worth getting injured for." Hear how they're predicting, preventing, and managing workplace injuries with the Kinetic Reflex wearable device.

Frito-Lay Worker

Frito-Lay Reduces Injuries by 19%, Lost Work Time by 67%

After first experiencing the powerful data generated by fleet telematics and its impact on operations and safety, they turned to KINETIC for wearable technology to address the ergonomic challenges frontline employees face while bringing Frito-Lay snacks to millions of consumers.

JLG employee

JLG Reduces High-Risk Postures by 38%

JLG Industries is continuously evolving its workplace safety program to keep employees healthy and safe. With shoulder and back injuries from overexertion being one of the most frequent and expensive types of injury workers experience, the company has turned to an innovative ergonomic solution to reduce risky movements.

Iron Mountain warehouse worker

Iron Mountain Uses Wearable Technology to Fortify a Top-Level Safety Culture

After testing the Kinetic REFLEX device in five locations over 12 months, Iron Mountain expanded the use of the wearable to over 60 sites around North America, and is making it an integral part of its safety program and culture in the region.

Warwick Ice Cream

Warwick Ice Cream Uses Cutting-Edge Technology on Old-Fashioned Ice
Cream Production Line

The KINETIC Reflex has proven to be a sweet addition to the Warwick Ice Cream production line. In one month, the company saw a 76% reduction in close employee contacts, and reduced the average employee contact duration from 7 minutes to less than 60 seconds.

Mammoth Incorporated worker

Mammoth Incorporated Deploys KINETIC Reflex Wearables for Proximity Alerts
and Contact Tracing

Looking for a scalable solution, Mammoth turned to wearable technology to help automate and simplify this process. The KINETIC Reflex product was chosen as the leading provider, from among multiple vendors. 

Industrial warehouse

AIG Reduces Worker Injury Rates by 60% with Kinetic’s Wearable Technology

AIG and a staffing agency partnered together to evaluate Kinetic’s wearable technology at an industrial manufacturer. With over 500 workers enrolled in the study, Kinetic’s combination of real-time feedback, gamification, and data-driven insights led to a reduction in injury rates of over 62% and 49% in claims costs.

Kinetic Reflex wearable device

Amerisure Reduces Workers’ Compensation Claims by 43% Across Customer Sites with Kinetic Wearables

Amerisure tracked the impact the wearable devices had on each of their policyholders, primarily for strain, sprain and overexertion injuries. The data revealed a 43% reduction in claims per $10 million in payroll, when compared to the previous three years.

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